How do your Green Power Generators work?

Our generators run off OFGEM-accredited renewable fuels that are derived from waste products of the food industry.  These renewable fuels must have OFGEM approval that they demonstrate a minimum of 60% savings in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

What CO2 saving do they provide?

The generators run on 97% renewable fuel which creates a carbon footprint of around 65% less than for generators using standard mineral oil diesel.

How will your generators save us money?  

Under a Power Purchase Agreement with Green Power Generators, on-site generators will be connected into building switchboard(s) behind the meter and deliver power at a single price per kWh.  With the non-commodity element of energy bills continuing to rise faster than the wholesale energy price, our generation avoids all of the non-commodity costs; thus for all energy supplied by Green Power Generators, you will not pay DUoS, TUoS, BSUoS or ROC, FIT or CfD charges.

How is the equipment managed?

After installation, the equipment is managed by Green Power Generators in our office. Using a remote access portal we are able to monitor and track and control equipment to ensure that agreed power supply is met.  Clearly we also provide routine maintenance and emergency response.

Our system will monitor fuel usage and ensure supplied in a timely fashion.

Who maintains the equipment?

Green Power Generators have 100% responsibility for maintaining all equipment installed.  All our customers need to do is provide accommodation and access.

Do you supply different sizes of generators?

We currently own and operate a fleet of 17 generators ranging in size from 0.45 MW to 2 MW.  Individual stations can be coupled together to meet a range of power requirements up to 10 MW.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We deploy equipment across the UK.

How long can we lease a generator for?    

Please call us to discuss what you need and therefore how long you wish to have a generator on-site.  

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We are always here to answer any questions about Green Power Generators, our products and services. Please enquire about purchasing and hiring our Green Power Generators.